What is F-LAN?

F-LAN stands for Flagship Language Acquisition Network and it is a part of The Language Flagship. It is an organization funded by the National Security Education Program (NSEP) through a Flagship K-12 grant and led by Brigham Young University and the Utah State Office of Education (USOE) to develop and improve Chinese and Portuguese language instruction throughout the US. A consortium of 22 states are involved, from California to Rhode Island and from Michigan to Texas. In the latest award effective November of 2014, an immersion pipeline in Portuguese was added. The over arching goal of this consortium is to enlarge the national pool of students leaving K-12 who are well prepared to enter Flagship programs by expanding and supporting K-12 Flagship pipelines across the nation. To reach that goal, objectives have been set in professional development for teachers, development and dissemination of curriculum and teaching materials; gathering and using data to improve student proficiency in the target languages; and reporting nationally on the results of the project, continued development and improvement of the secondary component of the K-12 Chinese and Portuguese pipeline; an increasing emphasis on strengthening and expanding the early and late start secondary 7-12 pipelines; strengthening and expanding access to professional development for Chinese and Portuguese teachers; broadening the involvement and leadership of all consortium members in the activities of the consortium; and strengthening communication within and beyond the consortium.